Dr. Shane Knepshield, M.D.

Dr. Shane Knepshield was born in Denver and grew up in Aurora. He received his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Colorado – Boulder and his medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin. He completed both his residency in Family Medicine and fellowship in geriatrics at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. Though he has a special interest in addressing the health care needs of older individuals, he enjoys working with patients of all ages and backgrounds. Having grown up in Colorado, he is a lifelong Broncos fan. Despite this, he should probably still be able to meet the medical needs of those who mistakenly choose to follow the Chiefs, Raiders, or Chargers. Dr. Knepshield has had a high level of appreciation for sloths since a young age, but in reaction to their recent surge in popularity, he now tends to have a stronger preference for manatees. Most importantly, Dr. Knepshield maintains a reasonably high geek quotient and can hold his own discussing varied topics such as pop music history, Star Wars, and Pokémon.

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