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RVFM Commitment to Medicare Patients

RVFM is dedicated to seeing life long outcomes in our Medicare patients. We have seen many of you for years, which has allowed us to create lasting relationships. Although Medicare patients make up only 10% of our patient population, RVFM providers spend the most time with their Medicare patients. As we see you more often, we continue to spend time to build those relationships in order to ensure that you are being cared for properly.

Why is RVFM diligent about Medicare insurance compliance and Medicare data reporting?

RVFM’s goal is to achieve enhanced health outcomes among Medicare patients. To accomplish this , monitoring compliance and reporting data allows RVFM’s Medicare team to identify care opportunities to then provide enhanced care to our patients. Additionally, in order for RVFM to continue to accept Medicare, there are certain aspects of coordinating chronic care that must be reported on to show Medicare that we are taking proper care of our patients.

What is chronic care management?

Chronic Care Management (CCM) is the assessment of mental, functional, environmental, and psychosocial needs in order to enhance quality of life among patients. Care coordinators strive to achieve improved function of patients by providing ongoing support within a given comprehensive care plan.

CCM is provided directly through our practice by our in house case manager, Paige West. This will allow us to enhance services in order to better manage your health, as well as to comply with mandatory Medicare data reporting policies. (Read More)

CCM Consent Form

How does CCM benefit patients?

CCM provides an additional level of support to patients with chronic health conditions, as well as management of patients health as a whole. This additional level of support creates a continuum of care among all professionals and specialists involved in patients care. Additionally, CCM allows for 24/7 access to address health care needs to create enhanced communication among patients, providers, and care coordinators.

The RVFM Medicare team
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How can we help?

We are always available to answer your questions and offer guidance. Please reach out with any questions you may have about this service.