Ranch View Family Medicine is now offering Telehealth appointments for our patients. In order to schedule a Telehealth appointment with one of our providers, you must have been seen in the clinic within one (1) year.

When you schedule a Telehealth appointment with us, we will send you a HIPAA-compliant secure text message with a consent to do a virtual visit. Please complete this form as soon as you get this link, and text the completed form back to us, as this needs to be done before your visit starts.

Getting started:

• You will need to have a camera and microphone available to conduct a Telehealth appointment. This means that you can use a smartphone, as well as most computers and tablets.

• If you are going to use a computer or tablet for your Telehealth visit, please provide the staff your e-mail address so that we can send the link to your e-mail address when the visit starts.

• It is recommended that you have either Google Chrome or Apple Safari to use for your Telehealth visit.

Please do not use headphones or Bluetooth during the appointment, and make sure you are sitting in an area where you have a strong signal.

Patients are requested to measure and provide the following before the start of their Telehealth visit:

a. Measured heart rate/pulse for 30 seconds, within 1 hour of visit
b. Measured breaths for 30 seconds, within 1 hour of visit
c. Measured blood pressure within 1 hour of visit if available
d. Measured pulse oximetry if available

Examples of medical concerns that can be scheduled for Telehealth include:

– Mild cold, sinus, allergy, or respiratory symptoms
– Blood pressure checks if able to check blood pressures at home
– Chronic medication checks, such as diabetes or thyroid checks
– Questions or concerns about about COVID-19
– Discussion about lab results
– Mental health, like depression/anxiety
– Controlled prescription refills
– Other mild concerns that don’t require physical examination

If you are unable to get our text message to sign your consent, please download this form, sign, and send it back through your portal.

If you are having trouble with your Telehealth appointment, here are a few troubleshooting tips.

Please call 303-346-8828 to get your Telehealth appointment scheduled


Consent Form (if you are unable to receive our text messages)

Connectivity Troubleshooting