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Doc Talk led by our Medical Providers in a lecture-type learning format. Please continue to check our online calendar for latest updates and our scheduled lectures. You may also contact us below for any additional questions.

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Mediterranean Diet: Recipes for Healthy Hearts and Minds Code 111

Come learn why cardiologists praise this way of eating. This is not a fad diet but a way of life that is full of delicious foods, including wine and desert! We will walk through Mediterranean cuisine, learning delicious ways to change your diet and improve your overall health. –Led by Jamie Ball, PA-C

Food is Medicine Code 112

A dynamic discussion on what the research and the evidence can tell us about the role food plays in our mental acuity, emotional wellness, and physicality. –Led by Julianne Garrison, MD

Metabolic Machine Code 113

A comprehensive review of the human metabolism. We will discuss the numerous variable that contribute to metabolic rate, the natural slowing of our metabolisms with aging, and how we can make our metabolisms work for us again. –Led by Julianne Garrison, MD

Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners: The Hidden Calorie Bomb and Effect of Fake Sweeteners Code 114

Are hidden sugars adding to your waist line? Many of your common food have been saturated with added sugar. Come learn why and how this affects your weight and health. Reducing these sugars will help prevent diabetes and weight gain. When we are done,, you will know how to avoid these empty calories. –Led by Jamie Ball, PA-C

The Diet Dilemma Code 115

In this talk we will review numerous popular diets for weight loss including the Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, The Zone Diet, Eat Right for your Type Diet, Ornish Diet, Dieting for Dummies Diet, Sugar Busters Diet, Mediterranean Diet, and more. We will describe strengths and weaknesses of dietary options for weight loss and individual considerations and will end with a discussion of general concepts of similarity and importance in dietary choices that can help facilitate and ideal body weight. –Led by Julianne Garrison, MD

Inflammation Nation Code 116

Scientists now believe that inflammation is the root cause of all disease including joint and muscle pains, autoimmune diseases, heart attack and stroke, and mental and cognitive fog conditions and many other causes of human decline over time. We will explore the role inflammation plays in our wellness and the ways in which we can reduce inflammation with small changes in daily choices. –Led by Julianne Garrison, MD

Calories and Nutritional Labels: Track Your Success! Code 117

Have you ever wondered why you’re not loosing weight with exercise alone? Do you know how many calories you’re eating, or how to lose weight through calorie reduction? Calorie counting is daunting for many people, but we will show you short cuts and tips to track your calories. We will interpret food labels, serving sizes, and ingredients, all of which will help you successfully lose weight and maintain good health.-Led by Jamie Ball, PA-C

Nutrition Basics Code 118

This talk is nutrition 101 from the perspective of functional daily eating. There is a lot of information out there. Join us for a presentation and conversation on fundamentals of basic daily good nutritional choices. We will create a user-friendly concept map for choosing foods ideally, while still enjoying food and eating. –Led by Julianne Garrison, MD


Principles of Paleo: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating Foods You Were Designed to Eat. Code 119

Come explore a modern day nutrient dense whole foods approach of eating the way our ancestors once did that will not only help you lose weight but transform old ways of dieting into a sustainable lifestyle . We will review paleo basics, health benefits and provide recipes/meal plans. Get ready to start your journey to lifelong health and wellness. –Led by Celina Ayala, PA-C

Super Charged: A Lifestyle Approach to Chronic Fatigue Code 120

In Super Charged we will dig deeper into little known facts about food and how making tiny changes in the way we live our life can make huge impacts in how we look and feel.   Let’s get you re-charged one day at a time, one choice at a time. Led by Julianne Garrison, MD

The Weekly Cooking Ritual: Meal Prep and Healthy Substitutions Code 121

How often do we say “I have no time to cook” or “It’s much easier to eat out when I’m on the go?” No more excuses! This presentation will go through kitchen basics, healthy meal prep ideas and food swaps that will not only excite your taste buds but still allow you to have time to do the things you want to do. -Led by Celina Ayala, PA-C

Holistic Health: The Role of Integrative Medicine in Changing our Health Care System Code 122

Join us for an in depth look at how a more whole person approach to wellness could change our Health Care System and improve your health journey. –Led by Julianne Garrison, MD

How to Pack Your Lunch Code 123

Constantly on the go? Work through lunch and forget to eat? Or out of lunch ideas? This presentation will provide you with quick and healthy, yet oh so tasty lunch ideas that will satisfy and provide you with the nutrients your body needs to get you through your day. Let’s start packing! –Led by Celina Ayala, PA-C

The Gut Microbiome Code 124

If we took all the water out of our bodies and weighed the leftover, desiccated mass, 80% of the DNA remaining would be bacterial. Come to learn about the fascinating role of our gut microbiome – an entire community that determines much of how we live and function and the role it plays in cognitive clarity, emotional well-being, and disease manifestation. –Led by Julianne Garrison, MD

Nutritional Supplement and Vitamins Code 125

Confused by the numerous options in the nutritional aisle and what to select for you? Uncertain about good choices given numerous options and variable quality? Come and learn how to make decisions about Nutritional Products and which vitamins and supplements may be right for you. –Led by Julianne Garrison, MD

Oh My Aching Back: An Integrative Approach to Back Pain Code 126

Let’s look at back pain together. 90% of human beings will experience some degree of back pain at some point in their life. Many of us are surprised by how many options are available to help reduce pain and, in many cases, rid ourselves of back pain forever.

Led by Julianne Garrison, MD

An Integrative Approach to Cancer Care Code 127

A comprehensive overview of good nutrition and lifestyle choices when we are contending with a current or prior diagnosis of Cancer. While we cannot always control that we have cancer, we can control abundant choices that improve our daily success with living with and preventing cancer recurrence. –Led by Julianne Garrison, MD

Food Demystified: A Close Look at Common Questions in Nutritional Choices. (This is  3 lecture series) Code 128

Why is nutrition so confusing? Why is it so hard to know which foods are good for me and for my patients? Why don’t nutritionists figure out what’s right and make recommendations simple? How do we know what to eat?

Soy or dairy? Wheat or no wheat? Grain Brain, what’s that? If not Sugar, then what? What do I drink? We will discuss numerous topics including Wheat, grains and Glycemic Load, Sugar , Artificial sweeteners, “Healthy” Drinks, Cereals, Health endorsements (AHA, ADA), Milk, Yogurt, and Margarines, Oils: Fat, Food Politics: Why eating healthy is challenging, Produce: Fruits, Vegetables, and Safety; Organics: Hype or Hope; Genetically Modified, and Irradiated; Frozen Foods ; Decoding Ingredient Lists and Reading Nutrition Facts –Led by Julianne Garrison, MD

Nutrition Q & A Code 129

Ever have questions about nutrition that you are not sure who to ask? How about Dr. Garrison? Come to this Doc Talk with questions you have had on your mind that you have been looking for answers to!-Led by Julianne Garrison, MD


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